Downhill and Nordic Skiing

“Skiing is a dance, and the mountain always leads.” - Author Unknown

The Flathead Watershed has two downhill ski areas located mostly on Flathead National Forest land.

Figure 4.27: Downhill skiing on Whitefish Mountain. Source: Whitefish Convention & Visitors Bureau Figure 4.28: Cross country skiing at Whitefish Mountain. Source: Whitefish Convention & Visitors Bureau

Whitefish Mountain Resort offers downhill skiers and snowboarders 3000 acres (1214 hectares) of fun from the 4464 ft (1361 m) base to the 6817 ft (2078 m) summit. The terrain includes 15% beginner, 35% intermediate, 40% advanced, and 10% expert slopes. Ten miles (16 km) of groomed Nordic trails are maintained below chair 6. Blacktail Mountain Ski Area offers downhill skiers and snowboarders 1000 acres of winter pleasure. At this “upside down” ski mountain everyone drives to the 6780 ft (2067 m) summit and skis to the bottom before even riding a chair. The terrain includes 15% beginner, 70% intermediate, and 15% expert.

Many summer hiking trails turn into snowshoe and ski trails in the winter. Glacier National Park and the Flathead National Forest are both popular Nordic ski and snowshoe areas as winter transforms level roads and challenging hiking trails into ski and snowshoe trails. Access to groomed and natural trails, diverse landscapes and serene beauty are found throughout the park and the forest, and through several private facilities. The Flathead National Forest’s Round Meadows Cross Country Ski Trails offers 7.5 miles (12 km) of varied forest terrain and 15 miles (24 km) of ungroomed beginner and intermediate skiing. The North Shore Nordic Club maintains groomed Nordic ski trails below Blacktail Mountain in Lakeside and in Bigfork.

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Figure 4.29: Cross country trail maps. Source: North Shore Nordic Center
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